World Social Justice Day event is held in Mogadishu

On Tuesday 20 February   2024 in Mogadishu members from the DPOs the disabled people Organization organized the World Social Justice Day event 20 February   2024. The event is participated by members from PWDs Persons with Disabilities human rights activists’ scholars and professionals.

The event was implemented by the SDN Somalia Disability Network one of the most active and operational networks in the country with 15 member organizations serving education, human rights, livelihood, gender, and development programs.  These organizations work in an environment where there is wide discrimination

The year 2019 Somalia signed and joined state members of the CRPD in the convention Rights Persons with Disabilities. Where the articles are legal law in Somalia with an obligation to the CSOs, International NGOs, and the government.  This should be worked effectively to ensure really disability inclusion in Somalia. Hundreds of millions of dollars donated to Somalia

The chairperson SDN Mr. Abdullahi Hussein Osman opened the event and made a brief outline of World Social Justice Day. This is an international day established by ILO for the protection and improvement of society. This focuses on the right of the citizens to employment, housing, social security, and political participation for the people.

Somalia’s federal government and ILO opened Mogadishu decent jobs project for the Somali people. We encourage the stakeholders of this program to ensure disability inclusion. Somalia is one of the countries with the highest number of disability people in the society more than 15% estimation of 3 million people who do not participate in social and policy. Excluded the public and private programs.

Mr. Ahmed Hassan Dige professional social worker candidate Mogadishu University student for the social. Said we are very pleased to participate and organize this event.  I am a professional social worker who will graduate next year.  I will apricate to participate in the people working the disability inclusion for the decent jobs programs.

Mss. Sadia Mohamed member of the Badnadir Region Women’s Disability Organization said I am female with a disability I can work equally the non-disabled people.  There is a wider exclusion for public and private opportunities. As gender and disability. Really barrier that humiliated thousands of women and girls with disabilities.

The Participants Made A Press Statement

  1. We demand disability inclusion in Somalia
  2. We demand the inclusion of decent jobs programs
  3. We demand extensive participation of TVET for the disability people
  4. We demand the participation of the decision-making table for the social
  5. We demand the implementation of CRPD in Somalia

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