On 26 June is the Somalia national flag day when the two sides of Somalia community united and established the republic of Somalia 1960.

After the independence from the colonial master Ital South Somalia and United Kingdom the North Somali Regions. 

 The week of the Somalia independence start today in the midnight where millions people Somalis will celebrate in the worldwide and Somalia.

Somalia has been independent  state 64 years  with several government. Nearly of this time the country served armed conflict and civil wars that started 1991.  

Somalia took federal state 2012 where Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohmud was elected and established the federal states in Somalia.

Somalia government elected 2017 Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo served four years  and election time posten back 2022 May.

Somali federal government Mr. Hassan Sh Mohamud is reelected the year 2022 May. He served 2 years in the country with fight of Alshabab, the constitutional reform,  worked to join the EAC east Africa community group. And managed the debt relief, lifting the army embargo and finally the lead of the united nation non-permeant security council members.

As citizen how do you Somalia after 64 years anniversary the national independent day

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