Somalia federal Government Parliament passed Turkish and Somali cooperation agreement

Wednesday 20 fernery 2024 in Mogadishu the federal government of Somalia 11th parliament joint session has passed an agreement with Turkish government cooperation’s.

The agreement was tabled in the session by the government. The meeting was unusual to discuss and emergency issue for the nation.
This meeting was requested by the federal government of Somalia president HH Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who came in front of the session. The member of the Somalia federal Government 11th Parliament voted to passed Turkish and Somali cooperation agreement.

Although the content of the agreement was not published [public to the people and the parliament members this will be official law and operation. The agreement was mentioned to be cooperation of the two government Somalia and Turkey for the economic and military support.

This agreement came in time there depute between Ethiopia and Somalia for the issue of the read sea. Somalia government has made agreement with Egypt for military support and the UASA government. This shows the government is more focused the security of the region.

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