The Somali president took a meeting with women in the Parliament

On Sunday 11 February 2024 in Mogadishu, the women in the parliament took a meeting with HH Mr. Hassan Shiekh Mohamud the President of Somalia. The meeting was held in the Villa Somali the presidential; office in the evening. The meeting is participated by most women members in the 11 Parliament of Somalia the House of the People and the Upper house

The president invited the women members of the Parliament for their role in the constitutional reform work that will proceed in the next few days. The president has paired the female persons members in the 11 parliaments with their commitment to the future of Somalia. He added women should have extensive roles in the government.

The women from the parliament participated in the meeting and encouraged the [president for his proactive role in the fight against Alshaba, the work of defending Somalia’s oceans, and the finalization of the constitutions. Most of them promised to work with government strategy and plans in line Somalia’s national interest

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