the press statement of Two days consultation meeting for the opposition of the government

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, in Garowe, the opposition of the federal government organized a meeting in Puntland, Federal State of Somalia. The meeting was attended by politicians, MPs, former ministries, former prime ministers, former presidents, and the incumbent President of Puntland State.

In the last three days, high-ranking delegates, politicians, and former leaders of Somalia flew to participate in the consultation meeting for the opposition against the government. The meetings started on March 22 and ended on March 23, 2024, with a press statement read by members of the opposition to the FGS policy for the constitution reform works.

The members participating in the consultation meeting for the opposition focused on several issues: the constitutional reform work, the leadership of the country, the structure of leadership, and the government of Somalia. From the parliamentary to the presidential system. The participants issued nine articles in press statements.
The Press Statement of Garowe Meeting
The two former presidents of the Somali government, HH Mr. Sharif Sh Axmed and HH Mr. Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo, took a meeting in Garowe, Puntland, on March 22 and 23, 2024, with HH Mr. Said Abdulahi Dane, the president of Puntlad State. Concerned about the Situation of the country and the constitutional work conflict
1. The presidents are encouraging the effort of the national army for the liberation of the fighting against the Alshaba Islamist organization that fights in many areas of Somalia and send condolences to all brave servicemen and moments of martyrdom.
2. The presidents reaffirmed all efforts to strengthen the national army and called on the government to return to rebuilding the national army for the liberation plans and insure the equipment, ammunition, and plans necessary for the liberation of the country.
3. Both Presidents, Mr. Sharif Sh Ahmed and Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, shared with the Puntland President the arbitration and recompilation of political conflicts between the government and Puntland State for the constitutional works.
4. Both former president concerned themselves with the mediation works and the commitment of the Federal President, HH Mr. Hassan Sh for cohesion and the reconciliations forum proposed by Puntland President to be returned to Garowe Town, Puntland State
5. Both former presidents will continue the effort to insure the unity of the nation. And proposed reconciliation forums for the heated political situation surrounding the unity of Somali nationals.
6. The heads agree on the establishment of a national technical working committee for the coordination of the Reconciliation conference
7. The two president reaffirmed the decision against the ilia gal plans for the constructional reform work, which is leading danger to the political stability of the country
8. The presidents send a message to the speakers of the parliament, the house of the people, and the upper house, far from anything that causes political distance in the Somali nation. And stop the illegal work of constitutional reform
9. The presidents are warning the HH, Mr. Hassan Sh. Mohamud, to stop the wrong way of the constitutional work and return the consensus solution for all parts of the constitutional work. and keep the oath he took for the constitution

Finally, the two presidents thank to the HH Mr. Said Abdullahi Dani, the president of Puntland state, the government of Puntland and the people of Puntland State for cordial hospitality and for hosting the conference

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