The Constitutional Reform Consultation work finalized

On 28 March 2024 in Mogadishu the Federal government of Somalia parliament finalized the draft constitution   consultation for the parliament. The first four chapters of the draft work started on 12 February 2024 the distribution of the draft work of the first four chapters of the constitution.

On 24 February 2024 The parliament organized joint meeting that voted for the constructional reform and amendment work schedule for the hearing, discussion and the input of the first four chapters.   The Parliament members of the both chambers start the dissuasion and several hundred time were debated. Notable the last fourth chapters debated more than five hundreds legislators.

The federal government 11 parliament 4 session the 30 joint meeting on Thursday 28 March 2024. The members of the parliament were briefed by the two chairperson of the constitutional reform work the OC oversight committee and the independent committee for the constitutional reform work.  The members of the parliament participate the meeting were given 4 books covering the process, inputs and the last publication of the draft  

The speaker of the parliament closed the 30th Joint Meeting for the legislators for reading within 48 hours nearly two days. The 11 Parliament the 4 session and the 31st meeting will vote for the last drat publication of the first 4 chapters to be the start of the finalization of the official constitution for Somalia. The 11 parliament has started the work that has served the 9th and the 10th Parliament of Somalia.

The most controversial article were the elections, the leadership stricture parliamentary or presidential.  The women political participation the 30% quota has not been written the Quota of the PWDs the disability people and the legalization of the braille and the sign language which was part of the discussions has not been mentioned the books.

The vote for the constitutional reform and work draft constitution may come across large opposition that can be boycotted the draft books. There has been  motion signed by members of the bicameral parliament the legislators members the house of the people and the upper house the senators.  There are great number support in the parliament.

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