Meeting Women Civil society and Legislators in the 11 Parliament

one Tuesday 19 March 2024 in Mogadishu the Women Caucus for the 11 parliaments took consultation meetings with women from the civil society. The women CSOs presented their concerns for political participation. this came in the finalization of constitutional review work

the women representing the civil society asked the Somali Women Caucus for the 11 parliaments the work of the constructional reform debate the first 4 chapter in the parliament. where there has been hot debates for the women political participation legalization in the construction

Somali Women Caucus for the 11 parliaments brought motion for the political participation and child neutralization signed by more than 90 legislators from the both house the upper house and the house of the people.

they have discussed the best way to engage the opinion collection for the civilians to be participated the women and girls the online platform with 20 questions. the raised their interest to participation respond of the questions

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