The Meeting Between Eretria and Egypt

Eritrean President HH Mr. Isaias Afwerki left for Cairo, Egypt on Saturday, according to the Eritrean Minister of Information. a three-day visit
The meeting has been planned for a long time by the Egypt Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Aseed Sameh Shukri who travelled to Eritrea in January 2024 and met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea Osman Salah. They worked together in a leadership meeting.

Now the Egyptian President HH Mr Abdulasis Alsisi and his Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri one side and the other side Eritrean President HH Mr. Isaias Afwerki and Eritrean Foreign Minister Mr Osman Salah.
The meeting is part of a strong campaign to isolate Ethiopia. The government of Egypt has given most of the weapons to the federal government of Somalia, which is not in February.

Finally, the meaning of the meeting is the improvement of the political relationship between Eritrea and Egypt, and the military relationship between the two sides. It is possible that the two countries will conduct a military exercise in the Horn of Africa to intimidate Ethiopia’s ambitions in the Red Sea.
Ethiopia has threatened that to get ocean for the landlocked 130 million people by any means with cooperation, exchange of resource and of course by force I work in Somalia and Eritrea. Which caused the political turmoil in the horn of the Africa. The world is watching over this issue.
Western, Arab and African countries are struggling to resolve crises before they erupt into bloody conflict.

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