The joint parliament session discussed the second unity constitutional reform

Mogadishu, February 26, 2024; The Deputy Chairperson of the People’s Assembly of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mrs. Saadiyo Yasin Haji Samatar chaired the 18th meeting of  joint meeting for the two Houses of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia today.

The meeting of the Governor was accompanied by the First Deputy of the Upper House and the Second Deputy of the two chambers of the 11th Parliament.

The agenda of today’s meeting was to continue discussing the proposals to amend the Constitution, Chapter 2 Basic Rights and Duties of Somali Citizens, Article 10-20

Members of the two Houses expressed their views on the second chapter of the revision of the Constitution, the illegal abortion of unborn children, freedom of religion, belief, equality, fundamental rights and other points discussed, including the freedom of personal security immediately. They specifically debated the MPs and Senators about female circumcision etc.

Speaker Sadiyo Yassin who concluded the session today said that the discussion was very effective and she thanked the MPs who have been sitting for a long time and have done their work.

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