Somalia Federal Parliament Caucus Meeting with Constitutional Reform Committee

On Tuesday 27 February 2024 in Mogadishu Somali Federal Government  11th Parliament Women’s Caucus held a meeting with members of the Somalia Independent Committee Constitutional Reform.  The meeting is chaired by the chairperson and secretary of the committee. And from the Caucus the two chairpersons Mrs, Sahur Haji Ulusow  from the house people and Mrs. Sared from the upper house

The women’s groups took part in the meeting of the committee for the consultation of technical works. The women groups were representing the all-women legislator and the women politicians. To make an input for the process of constitutional reform. Where they made comments and contributions.

Somali Federal Government  11th Parliament is working on the  Process of constitutional reform passed by the first 4 units constitution of Somalia.  Women are working very hard to ensure their the input of the constitution their role mainly the 30% women political participation Quota

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