Iftar Distribution for the Disability people in Mogadishu

On Monday 18 March 2024 in Mogadishu, the Distribution of Iftar Food was made for the Disabled in Mogadishu with the support of the  Disaster Management Agency and Ministry of Interior and Federalism. The aid food is distributed to 400 families from the PWDs the physical, blind, and deaf people.  

Somali Disability Network Made has made the registration of the beneficiary and the production ID card for the beneficiaries.  Selected the most valuable teams who may suffer food scarcity for the Iftar in the breakfast and dinner. The people who benefited from the aid thanked the all partners

The Howlwadag District in the Banadir region local authority made possible the security and logistics for the consignment.  The SDN staff has worked hard screening the cards,  the queue of the  beneficiaries, and the order in the people by giving special attention to the people who may have more visibility in the accessibility.

The SODMA Somalia  Disaster Management Agency made possible the distribution of the food, the logistical support, and the monitoring of the distribution with members of their staff. And the Ministry of Interior and Federalism has supported the overall permit to work SDN which is a registered local NGO based in Mogadishu with liaison offices in the regions.

SDN has managed the distribution of Iftar aid for 600 families directly 400 families food aid distribution from the SODMA and the 200 families cash voucher from the Hormud Salaam Foundation that supports the vulnerable people in Somalia including the PWDs. Notable for inclusive education they run the most equipped boarding school for blind children.

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