Some of the Women Legislators Somali 11 Parliament Announce to decline Constitutional Reform Work

on Monday 18 March 2024 in Mogadishu Somali federal government 11 Impalement is finalizing the debate of the first 4 chapters of the Constitutional reform work. the joint meeting is participated both house the house of the people and the upper house. the agenda was finalizing the first 4 chapters of constitutional hereof.

the chair lady of the Somali upper house caucus for the women Senator Mrs. Sareeda Mohamed Hassan Jeyte declined the cooperation with constitutional therefrom process and they will go out of the Parliament. they will not vote to pass these 4 chapters. we they saw women are united and their demands is gaining acceptance they have started misleading the work by duplicating online quainter .

Honorable MP Roda from the house of the people we are different in the motion and we have separate motion against the he motion of the he motion of the women to demand the Political Participation quota 30% and the nationalization for the children of non-Somali fathers.

Senator Samsam Abdullahi member of the upper house said we agree the Motion which is broader 30% legislator. we demand all top position in the government, army, states and local authority to be given women 30% quota.

we are sorry the speakers of the Parliament are holding meeting overnight against the motion of the women to demand the political participation quota and the nationalization for the children of non-Somali fathers. a group of women wake up to protest the process of the debate and the second deputy speaker presiding the meeting requested calm

open platform for the public is launched overnight jointly by the speaker of impalement, the chair person Parliament committee oversight the Constitution and the chairperson the independent Constitution reform working committee. an online application with 20 question for opinion collections the Constitutional reform.

the federal government of Somalia 11 Parliament 4 session is suppose to close the next days amid this moth march. the members of the both houses the upper and the house of people will go free time. and will be reopen two month later.

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