Two Days Conference for Peace in the Horn of Africa Regions is held in Mogadishu

On Tuesday 05 March 2024 Mogadishu Heritage Institute policy development the 7th forum held in Mogadishu for two days participated by Civil society organizations, DPOs Disabled People Organizations,  Religious groups, federal state ministries, and Legislative, and federal government legislation from the House of the People, the upper house, ministries and prime ministers. Key gusts were the Ministry of Religious Djabut and members of Kenya’s parliament  

On Monday the day one.  the conference is opened jointly by the Ministry of Interior and the director of the Heritage Institute policy development. The participants made presentations on the research and studies made for the development of the places in the Horn of Africa the region in general and in Somalia. Several papers were presented by professional researchers.

The participants have given deep consideration to the presentation of the papers in theory and in slide share with professional and ethical consideration of the research ideology and the analytical of the issue the DV and IV of the problems and the proposed solutions.  Hundreds of people participated in their youth with professional skills who graduated from universities in and outside the country

On Tuesday the day two. The conference gave the role of the panelist to make decisions for the peace and development in Somalia. With members of the key actors from the CSOs the networks, Traditional leaders, the Somali Chamber of Commerce, former legislations, former ministers, and former Deputy ministers. Collective people who made an outstanding brief and argument for the Somalia peace process from 1991 to 2024. Notably, most of the palest were present and involved in the process.

Key speakers. And closure

Mr. Away Abdulahi Ali  Deputy Director of Research and Innovation of Heritage Institute policy development thanked participants and made a brief outline of the two day’s contribution. The peace process is working, the fair juices and low enforcement are key factors, and the development of research and papers can provide access to more information. The establishment of national legislation and policies is a factor. Investment in the private sector is also important.  Finally Mr. Away called to the podium the director of Heritage Institute policy development

Mr. Mursal Moahmud Saney the Executive Director  of Heritage Institute policy development said we have worked very hard to organize the 7th conference of Heritage Institute policy development.  I welcome all of the participants the members from the CSOs. Legislative, ministries, deputy prim minister, and HE Mr. Hamsa Abdi Bare incumbent prime minister/

 We boycotted in Djabut several months ago,  for the tribute of the painful and accidental death of Mrs. Khadija Mohamud Dirye Ministry of Women and Human Rights and member 11th Parliament Somalia.  Me with the Heritage Mr. Abdirashid and Aytne worked very hard to reorganize such an event in Mogadishu and invite most participants of the previous conference boycotted. We are all broad with you all the participants

Finally, HE Mr. Hamsa Abdi Bare   SFG Prime Minister made most exciting words more focused on the work of the twos and the plans of the government. Said we are a nation of comment interest regardless of clans, states, and groups. We served a process that served decades. We realized that peace in the region is important and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia have no compromise.

I have come from another conference now. The National Development Transformation Plan. The achievements of the government are more, debt relief, Role of national army, lifting an Army embargo, participation in EAC market, and agreement with the international, finally, the constitutional reform work started first time with our government and parliament. Leadership changes are a tough issue. But we should see national interest from parliament to the president does not dictatorship of Hamza will be changed from prime minister to deputy president for the future of the people hundreds of years legacy.

Somali Disability Inclusion Network is local organization with 15 members organization and 20 individuals members. Dalada Naafada Somalityed

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