The World Is Lobbying the Cooperation With Somalia

On Friday 23 February 2024 Mogadishu delegate from Saudi Arabia reached Mogadishu to open community development pogroms funded by the Saudi Arabia government. The projects are education, water mills, and economic development. These projects’ civil investment

HH Mr.  Hassan Sheikh Mohamud the president of Somalia’s federal government welcomed the Saudi Arabian delegates in his office and thanked their generous support for the Somali people the investment in education and irrigation of the livestock areas in Somalia.

The involvement of the Dead Sea countries in Somalia is increasing the UAE made investments in the Somali army in the last two years. And from Saudi Arabia is landing with civil programs.  The question what are the goals and interests of the countries competing in Somalia’s investment?

Somalia has made the largest engagement with a number of foreign countries in the last five months nearly 6 countries. Most of these agreements were military support and development of the security for fragile states fighting with Alabab Islamist including Turkey and USA.

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