The Parliament held an informal meeting for the constitutional reform work

On Sunday 11 February 2024 in Mogadishu, the parliament made the preliminary decision for the constitution reform and amendment work. The chairperson of the joint parliamentary oversight committee for the constitutional reform process.  The meeting is participated by the members of the House of the People Parliament Permanent Committee.

The meeting is presided over by the speaker of the parliament Mr. Sheikh Adane Madoobe with the deputy speaker Mrs. Sadio Haji Samater.  The members of the Parliament Standing Committee had an informal meeting to review the first draft of the constitutional reform work submitted by the committees working on the constitution.

The members participating in the meeting made decisions for the next meeting tomorrow 12 February 2024 and 14 February 2024.  The meeting focuses on the contentious issue in the constitution reform work.  Which can cause conflict in the meeting of the tomorrow.

The Protocol of the House of the People an MP to speak to the media public to call to all stakeholders to take care of the constitutional work. There is no new constitution, but we are working on reform and amendment in line with the national interest of the Somali people.  

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