Somalia is elected united nation non-permanent  security council


In the 78th session of the united nation non-permanent Security Council meeting  new five countries elected for the year 2025-2026 two year time with 179 votes. The five nations Denmark 184 voices, Greece, Pakistan 182, Panama 182 and Somalia 179 voices this will lead the work of the united nation non-permeant security council led by these states.

Somalia served the poison 1970-1972 in the former government with vote for the member of the  council. Somalia has prosed this position the year 2018. By former president HH Mr. t Mohamed Abdullahi famrajo and now secured by the incumbent president HH Mr. Hassan Sh Mohamed.

The ministry of foreign  affair made statement  to Thant all the nationals voted for Somalia and praised the work his government for their achievement. Somalia is post conflict state in the horn of the Africa with decades of civil war.  Somalia is in state building this position can support the stabilization in the country. Somalia managed the  left the sanction of the army and debt relief in this years

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