Call to action Somalia Disability inclusion

On Thursday 07 June 2024 the persons of the SDN Somalia Disability network made a statement to the public in Somalia, regarding the visit of the Uganda Disability Council and the participation for the TOFI meeting in May 22-25 this year 2024. An interesting trip that gave the members from the Somalia PWDs and their representatives of the DPOs.

 In three days consecrate consolation meeting for the disability rights inclusion in Somalia through ToFI program. Where professional expert from the PWDs visual impaired, the deaf and the physical challenged has participated the meeting fasciation the lecturers and the counseling trams that made clear the disability inclusion

Beside t we have taken sessions for the national disability rights report the CRPD shadow report drafted by the members of the PWDs and the DPOs. We have gained insight of the requirement for the shadow report mandate which is the responsibility of the DPOs and PWDs as groups and team with united voice that respond the situation of the ground

The CRPD report from the government the initial report with the first two years and the complementary report within four years. Has not been drafted and prepared so far. Somalia signed the CRPD 2019.  The government did not made the official report of the CRPD. The DPOs can make shadow report in some occasion if the government side has not reported

Collectively the participation we have released the important of the unity and team work the disability inclusion I Somalia.  The unity can make stronger and powerful the PWDs and DPOs where they can make solid report which cover overall situation of the PWDs on the ground. The role of the civil society, international Donors and the government instructions

In Somalia disability inclusion is working and there is slow progress that the actors did not made inclusion programs in the humanitarian aid, human rights protections and the development project I Somalia. There has not been policies and stages for the private sectors and the public instructions in the country. Notable there is no national disability census. That could support intervention for the disability inclusion.

The DPOs in the country are coming increase with divers disability the visual impaired the deaf and the physical challenged   people. There offices for local organization, teams, networks and the working groups in the country. Most of these groups mobilized their work and strengthen their capacity for the admiration and implementation. The DPOs has financial and reporting gaps in some areas. Put overall they are active.  

Call to action Somalia Disability inclusion

Therefore we made Call to action Somalia Disability inclusion

The inclusion disability in the crass cutting issues private and the public

The participation of the beneficiaries the PWDs as individuals and groups

The participation of the DPOS for the implementation programs

The participation of the decision making the disability inclusion program

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