Somalia Child Rights Coalition held two days of consultation with the CRC

On Tuesday 27 February 2024 in Mogadishu, a day consultation meeting is held for the members of the government, the CSOs, and the DPOs. The two-day meeting 26 and 27 were inter-active members participating and making their contribution to the CRC and the article of convener for the Somalia federal government parliament after the reading of the child rights draft bill.

The participants were given a presentation for the overall article of the draft bill and comparative analysis from international and literature review in our culture for child rights protection. The members were divided into groups that gave their ideas and input in the presentation.

 Somalia Child Rights Coalition is leading a child protection network with members of the CSOs and Private sector to ensure the protection of Somali children. The coalition working with the donors organized a number of workshops to engage the stakeholders and collect their ideas for the draft bill.

Some of the participants on the 26 and 27 February 2024 proposed the amendment of the bill mainly the article concerned the age, religion, and the child of divorce parent responsibility.  

Members from the PWDs and DPOs requested the inclusion of disability children in the protection context of Somalia. A country where there is wide exclusion of PWDs and children with Disabilities in education, habilitation, health care, and accessibility for all.

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