Good labor project is launched in Mogadishu

On Saturday 17 February 2024 in Mogadishu, the ILO launched a labor fair project that may give and opportunity the nation an opportunity for support and strengthen their skills and caries. This project is a joint venture between the ILO and other donors that may support Somalia reduce unemployment and may give rights to the employees

The speaker of the parliament and acting president HE Sheikh Adan Madobe opened official the project and made his speech at the event. The Ministry of Labor and Social has also thanked the donors. The event is participated by the Ministry of Agriculture and the labor organizations in Somalia.

Somalia is one of the countries with the highest unemployment. The IDPs and the disabled people the vulnerable people the poverty caused by the unemployment in the local markets.  Nearly more than 75%  of the Somali people are estimated to be youth under the age of 35 years this is a golden opportunity that needs investment.

Bushra Business Banks in the Golden Opportunity for the investment the human resource and the really sates for the people. Stakeholder care matter us more than money.

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