An attack is reported from National Army Base general Gordon

on Saturday 10 February 2024 in Mogadishu. In the evening news reports from the General Gordon attack which Army based in Mogadishu. The news updates say there was an attack in the camp where armed men with heavy machines gun spry bullets that killed many people including high officials.

The situation is sketchy and the update is coming. The last news is that an attack happened the army base. No one can confirm if there were internal and external attacks. Before several months military base camp was attacked by a suicide man who sneaked into the camp.

General Gordon is Military Academy that provides training service for the national army. last updates says nearly two foreign official were reported dead UAE national including Senior Advisor Military Affairs’ UAE to Somalia and Africa Colonel Mohamed Mubarak who reached Mogadishu Several hours ago. nearly ten Somali national were reported either wounded or dead in the the attack . this can cause high profile assassinations’ where senior government members visit like the president and prime minister occasional.

this is not the first renegade army members skirmish in the camp

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