Community Mobilization Conference Alshabab fighters Returnees

On Friday 07 June 2024 the ministry of information southwest Somalia organized conference  Hel Hudur town in the Bakool region  the meeting is participated security officials, the district commissioners and the people in the area. Alshabab fighter’s returns to the sunder   to government need welcome and rehabilitation programs. There center that host the Alshabab fighters returnees in Somalia most of these center is run by the federal government and the states.

The participants in the meeting the national women organization said we  may not afraid of them, we want protect ourselves, traditional elders said this program hosting   Alshabab fighters sunder   to government will encourage many people.   Mr. Abdifitah The ministry of information southwest state  said we can work and mobilize all people,  for the protection of the people and the area. every persons can contact the 9999 number  for support and shelter of Alshabab returnees to the government.

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