Somalia Mass Media Sector for The Private and Public concern is increasing

The Federal Government of Somali is working the coordination of media work process monitoring in the country.  The ministry of information is leading effort to strengthen the free mass media in Somalia. 

The government has established national journalism commission which is government body that consist of representatives nine persons from the all types of media sectaries the private and the public

On 4th June 2024 The government has organized two days consultation meeting for the fake news prevention platform participated several ministries, the civil society, Media agencies, Journalist and social media  stakeholders in Somalia

 On 12th June 2024 the government has organized two days media strategy training for twenty journalist from the public and private media journalist. The two days’ workshop trained the participant the news and information source ownership the fake news and the good news.

Somalia independent media actors and private journalist has been making meeting for their concern the government work for the media independence interventions. Some of the journalists organized two weeks ago complaining  lack of consolation for the national journalism commission and the increased media sponsorship campaigns from the government.

Recently the federal government Somalia police issue statement for any social media posts formal and informal that abuse the public  the nation and the government. As well as violation of private rights individual  will be liable of their violations and abuses and will be brought in court for their actions.  So far there tens persons most of youth court verdict of 6 months jails and vine Money one thousand US Dollar

Finally changes is made in the social media post the country that reduced false prograde attack, Tribalism  motivation and decision of fake news in the formal and non-formal platform of social media facebook, youtube and Tiktok

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