Iedul Ad’ha festival in Islamic world

Om 16 June 2024 one of the Islamic calendar festivals is made in the world and in Somalia. Many people go to pray  the 10th of Arafa after several Suna fasting. This is one of the top holidays in the Muslim world practiced every years in this time.  The people goes first to the mosque for the collective prayer with mass people in public gathering

The slaughter of  goat, caw and camel is made before the prayer and people eat the meat when the return back from the mosques. This  festival Iedula Adhaha is three day. One day for the prayer and fallowed by two days.

Both male and females in the adult age are required to go the prayer, children can go and pray. This day the Islam people give hug each other with thanks giving their life and progress in the years. They also Alah forgives and liberation from the Hell in the punishment after the doomsday. 

The president of Somalia made public speech to the people in the day for the media in public the place of prayer he may attend. The president give people prayers and message for the day. Beside people in outside Mogadishu the day speech is made by their leaders both politician, traditional and preferable religious persons.

These three days meet is free  for  in many places people kill goats, caws and camels thee main necessary meet in the Iedual Adhaha. This will be the feasting days or barbeque for the poor people. The people who may travel to perform Haj can do if they can. Other people can make slaughter in the days.   

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