Emergency Food Aid Distribution to the Newly liberated areas Run Nirgod District

On 12th June 2024  Somalia Disaster Management Agency  dispatched tens lorries  carrying hundreds tones of food aid for the areas liberated from the terrorist group. Ruun Nirgood District in the Middle Shabelle.  SODMA has been working the coordination of the emergency aid respond for the disasters the El-nino and the droughts hit areas in the country

SODMA is now working the emergency respond for the newly liberated areas under the control of the government access of humanitarian aid. People who suffer long tine of suppression from the terrorist groups who cut the transpiration for the private business and public.  That made very hard the situation of the people in the area.

The convoy lories carrying the huge consignment of food aid reached the area Ruun Nirgood one of the area effected by the droughts and the fighting between the government and the terrorist groups.  The people in the near by residents suffer lack of roads and transpiration facilities which  can support the aid work distribution.

Security has been main obstacle of the are fortunately the government has solved parly and cleared the road from the roads block made by clan militias

Beside SODMA is  working the post disaster work the evaluation the impact of the El-nino and the drought in the country where they present report to the public

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